Our Story

The Perbellini story is one that has been in development for over 130 years and encapsulates a family’s passion for good food, hard work and the will to offer traditional, handmade Italian pasticceria products.

In 1891 Giovanni Battista Perbellini writes the first page of his recipe book ‘Pasta Lievitata’. The recipe is his own ‘tweaked’ version of ‘Nadalin’ an ancient and traditional Veronese cake. He calls his version the Offella d’Oro®, which he sold from his shop in the small town of Bovolone near Verona in Italy’s Veneto region.

Time passes and the business grows with the Italian people’s love affair with all things sweet. The 1950s see another milestone in the Perbellini story with the creation of the ‘Milliefoglie Strachin’. Created by Ernesto Perbellini the son of Giovanni Battista, Milliefoglie Strachin combines layers of sweet puff pastry with a cream and amaretto biscuit crumb filling. The exact recipe for the cream filling remains a secret to this day.

Today, the pasticceria is owned and managed by Ernesto’s sons: Giovanni Battista and Flavio. They share the same passion as their predecessors, for traditional methods of hand-making Italian dolci handed down through the family for five generations.

There are now two shops, one in Bovolone and the other in nearby Isola Rizza. Both sell fresh, handmade cakes, desserts, biscuits and chocolates. Some Perbellini products are also available to purchase through a network of resellers in Italy and across the world.